The following organizations, conferences, and meetings have invited Dr. Martinez as keynote speaker or panel member to discuss The Future of Learning.

TEDx Washington Heights

Conference held by Learning Media NZ for the Ministry of Education, New Zealand

California’s Commonwealth Club

Education Funder Strategy Group

The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF)

The Hewlett Foundation’s Annual Deeper Learning Conference

New Teacher Center

College Board

The Council of State Governments

Presenter on Research and Policy on High School Reform and College Readiness 2002 to 2006

The National High School Center

Alliance for Excellent Education

Council for Opportunity in Education

American Research Education Association

Wisconsin High School Task Force

2003 U.S. Department of Education Regional High School Symposia

Education Commission of the States

The Council for Great City Schools’ High School Institute

American Federation of Teachers Quest Conference.

Video Below: Dr. Monica Martinez’s TED-X Talk:
A Latinas Story of Attaining a Higher Education


Video Below: Highlights of a presentation by Dr Monica Martinez, while she was President of New Tech Network. Creating the Future of Learning: The 2020 forecast

Video Below: Monica Martinez, president of the New Tech Network based in California, explains to Loretta Goodwin of AYPF how New Tech high schools have different assessment practices than traditional public high schools. She then elaborates on what implications these new assessment methods bring to the students and the teachers in the school. Monica Martinez