DL Planning Guide

Based on the book, DEEPER LEARNING:
How Eight Public Schools are Transforming Education in the 21st Century

The Planning Guide is based on the book, Deeper Learning: How Eight Public Schools are Transforming Education  in the 21st Century. The book is intended to inspire parents, educators, and external stakeholders about what is possible and to provide examples of key strategies and common practices used by eight different schools to ensure students develop Deeper Learning (DL) outcomes. The Guide offers a framework for planning that addresses the reality that school transformation is an incredibly  challenging task that will not work as a top-down mandate and requires time, collective effort, and a shared focus  on vision and goals. The Planning Guide provides practical guidance on the conditions that have to be established for schools to truly change their practices to ensure students leave school with the sophisticated content knowledge and skills needed to be critical thinkers, problem-solvers, collaborators and communicators. The Guide is a resource and tool that can be used by district staff and professional development providers in addition to school-level leaders to help you develop a strategic plan to transform your school.