New Paper on Teaching Based on the Book

The National Commission on Teaching and America’s Future (NCTAF) and ConsultEd Strategists released a white paper today describing a new vision for teaching, teachers’ roles, and the conditions needed to enable deeper learning for all students.
Research indicates that great teaching has tremendous impact on student learning and achievement, particularly for poor students and students of color. With that in mind, this white paper, entitled “How Deeper Learning Can Create a New Vision for Teaching,” focuses on the shift in teachers’ work and support that is necessary to help educators facilitate rich, meaningful learning experiences for all students.

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Deeper Learning: How Eight Innovative Public Schools are Transforming Education in the 21st Century, is intended to inspire parents, educators, and external stakeholders about what is possible and provides examples of key strategies and common practices used by eight different schools to ensure students develop Deeper Learning outcomes. Deeper Learning, as described by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation, is the means for teaching students to use their knowledge and skills in a way that prepares them for real life by mastering core academic content, learning how to think critically, collaborate, communicate effectively, direct their own learning, and believe in themselves. According to the authors, Deeper Learning fully encompasses the educational goals that, taken together, constitute the foundation for college and career readiness for the 21st century.

Monica Martinez with coauthor, Dennis McGrath

Deeper Learning (New Press 2014), was co-authored with Dr. Dennis McGrath, Professor of Sociology at the Community College of Philadelphia. Dr. McGrath has developed programs to improve the success of nontraditional and at-risk students.

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DEEPER LEARNING: How Eight Innovative Public Schools Are Transforming Education in the Twenty-First Century

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Excerpt I
Static Schools in a Changing World
In his classic 1968 study of daily life in classrooms, Philip W. Jackson wrote that students spend as much as 50 percent of their time waiting for something to happen.
They wait for teachers to pass out papers. They wait for slower students to get their questions answered. They wait for the lunch bell to ring. Alas, 45 years after Jackson first published his book, millions of American students are still waiting. —read more

Excerpt II
Time for a Change
Throughout the United States, several million middle and high-school students are caught in the disconnect of living in a 21st Century world while attending 20th Century secondary schools. These “digital natives” have grown up in a time when communication is instant, memory is outsourced, and job security is a story told by old fogeys—and yet their schools remain focused on preparing them for futures more relevant to days gone by. As the Harvard-based thought leader Tony Wagner warns, today’s world doesn’t just care about what you know, but what you do with what you know.  —read more

Excerpt III
A Better Way
In the early ‘80s, on the heels of the flare sent up by “A Nation at Risk,” Theodore R. Sizer published his seminal treatise on high school in America, Horace’s Compromise. Yet much of the wisdom set forth by his work about how to transform the experience of secondary school failed to take center stage amid the urgent cries and ensuing wave of responses unleashed by the aforementioned infamous report. In terms of reform, the time has come for the long view—a marriage, of sorts, between Sizer’s vision and the latest efforts to respond to our expanding educational crises.  —read more



On April 29, I moderated a session on the Value of Higher Education with the Mohammad Qayoumi, President, California State University San Jose; Claude Steele, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, UC Berkeley (pictured) Alecia DeCoudreaux, President, Mills College, Mary Marcy, President, Dominican University of California, Rchard Ekman, President, Council of Independent Colleges


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